Providing an excellent dining experience means all staff need to work together, especially the kitchen team.  Our kitchen teams are the foundation of the Arnies tradition our guests have come to expect.

Many businesses, including the hospitality industry, are experiencing major changes.  Providing equitable compensation packages to all team members is so important to us.  In order to allow for higher wages for the kitchen team and non tipped staff, we have altered our service charge.

Bartenders and servers do not retain any part of the 4.5% service charge.  Arnies Restaurants NW retains 100% of the 4.5% service charge to allow for equitable compensation to all team members. Bartenders are servers continue to have strong base wage and tip income growth through annual minimum wage increases and menu price adjustments.  Our belief is the most effective way full service restaurants can address the large wage difference between service and kitchen staff is to begin using a hybrid tipping model, which contains a small service charge while leaving gratuities up to the guest.

If you are not satisfied with your dining experience with us, please ask a manager to refund the service charge. We appreciate your visits and support of local restaurants!

Please contact us at edmondsmgr@arniesrestaurant.com with any questions.