Enjoy sweeping panoramic views of snow covered Olympic Mountains and the beautiful Puget Sound while celebrating this wonderful season.

We take pride in 42 years of delivering genuine service, skillfully prepared local products and spectacular views on the waterfront. Enjoy the best the Pacific Northwest has to offer.

Our History

Arnies Restaurants began in 1979, when Peter Challman and Robert Peterson, two graduates of the Washington State University Hotel and Restaurant Administration program had a vision for a Pacific Northwest restaurant.  Located in Mukilteo, the first Arnies opened in 1979.  During this time trends in dining leaned heavily toward steak and seafood restaurants.  Mukilteo was an instant success, with its cozy atmosphere, view of Whidbey Island ferry and Puget Sound, great food and friendly service!  Our brand statement in those days was “The way you knew it could be” versus today’s “Giving genuine service and creating Pacific Northwest Favorites with Pride.”

Mukilteo’s success enabled the opening of Arnies in Edmonds in 1981.  Located at the marina overlooking the ferry to the Olympic Peninsula.  Edmonds was slightly larger than Mukilteo, featured the same mid-pricing with a steak and seafood focused menu.  During that time, Edmonds was a small, but soon to be growing community with a large supply of baby boomers, then in their late twenties to mid thirties.  Arnies in Edmonds lounge was a hit for these guests, while Edmonds and the North Seattle, population, frequented the dining room.  At this time our major competition was Rays Boathouse and there were only 3 stoplights between the restaurant and I-5!

As the years of 1981-1985 went by, our menus evolved to become more northwest product and seafood focused and guests tried “new items” such as calamari and oysters on the half shell with great daring!

In 1985 it was once again time for another Arnies Restaurant to make its mark in the Seattle/North Puget Sound area…Arnies purchased what was then the “Americas Cup Restaurant,” a sailing theme oriented North Lake Union restaurant.  After a full remodel, we opened the doors as “Arnies Northshore” in late 1985.  Located in Mariners Square, Arnies overlooked Gasworks Park, a Seattle historical landmark, Lake Union and also the panoramic and quickly growing Seattle skyline.  In 1985 the area around Lake Union promised exceptional growth and expansion, as did all of the Puget Sound area.

From the late 1980’s into the 1990’s Arnies remained a “favorite” of the special occasion and casual diner.  Known for consistent food, beautiful views with warm and genuine service that you all provide today, Arnies has remained a Pacific Northwest Favorite destination for family, friends and businesses.  In 1996, when all the restaurants underwent décor improvements, updated menus and service packages, Arnies also officially “branded” ourselves and Arnies Northshore became Arnies Gasworks’ Park.  Arnies is all about people and the outstanding products, which abound in this beautiful region.  Whether it is exceptionally prepared northwest products, or your special touch in service and personality, you are what makes Arnies a reality and a memorable experience for every guest.

Arnies Restaurants and the Coho Café are owned by Arnies Restaurants N.W., Inc., a privately owned restaurant company.

There is only one Arnies in the Puget Sound area today.   Edmonds (opened in 1981) is located on the Edmonds waterfront with spectacular views of the Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains.  The Arnies in Mukilteo and at Gasworks park are unfortunately no longer open.

Arnies in Edmonds

At the Marina

300 Admiral Way

Edmonds, WA 98020